Kids' Meal

All Kid’s Meals are $5 and Comes with a Choice of One Side

Chopped Brisket Sammich

Pulled Pork Sammich

Pulled Chicken Sammich

Sausage Sammich

Chicken Salad Sammich

Chicken Tenders Basket

Solo Meats

14.00Half Rack St. Louis Ribs

26.00Whole Rack St. Louis Ribs

8.00Half Chicken

15.00Whole Chicken

18.00One Pound Brisket

14.00One Pound Pulled Pork

14.00One Pound Pulled Chicken

14.00One Pound Sausage

12.00One Pint Chicken Salad


8.00BBQ Fries

Hand Cut Fries, Choice of Barbecue Meat , Cheese, BBQ Sauce

8.00Sweet Southern Mess

Sweet Potato Waffle Fries, Pork, Beans, Slaw, Cheese


Slow Smoked and Fried to Order
BBQ, Hot BBQ Wing, Alabama White Sauce

8.006 Wings

15.0012 Wings

28.0024 Wings


Cup or Bowl

Brunswick Stew

Cup 3 | Bowl 6


Cup $3 | Bowl $6


Choose Ranch | Blue Cheese | Balsamic Vinaigrette | Creamy Barbecue | Honey Mustard

6.00House Salad

Spring Mix, Tomato, Cucumber, Red Onion

9.50Barbecue Salad

House Salad with any of our Barbecue Meats

11.00Big as Texas Salad

House Salad with Corn, Chopped Pickles, Fried Jalapeno Chips, Sliced Brisket, BBQ Sausage and Creamy BBQ Dressing

Rib Platters & Combos

Combos Include a Portion of One of our other Barbecue Meats
Comes with your Choice of Two Sides

29.00Whole Spare Ribs Platter

17.00Half Spare Ribs Platter

21.00Half Spare Ribs Combo


Comes with Your Choice of Two Sides

23.00Four Meat

Yer Gonna Share this, Right?? Four Half Portions Of Smoked Deliciousness

19.00Three Meat

Ya Better be Hungry! Choose Three Half Portions of Meat

15.00Two Meat

Half Portion each of Your Choice of Two Meats


12.00Pulled Pork

12.00Pulled Chicken

12.00Half Chicken

12.00Chicken Tenders



Meat on a Toasted Bun
Comes with Your Choice of One Side

13.50Four Meat

12.00Three Meat

10.50Two Meat


9.00Pulled Pork

9.00Pulled Chicken


9.00Smoked Chicken Salad

House Made Chicken Salad on Sour Dough

9.00Chicken Tenders Basket

Sides Dishes

All Side Dishes are $3 for a Personal Size and $6 for a Pint

Hand Cut French Fries

Sweet Potato Waffle Fries

Cole Slaw

Potato Salad


Collard Greens

Brunswick Stew

Fiesta Corn


Side Salad

Roasted Veggies

BBQ Beans