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Our Jumbo Wings are Seasoned with Dry Rub Overnight, then Slow Smoked and, Finally, Fried to Order. It’s a Lot More Work, but SOOOO Worth It! Get ‘Em Bacon Dusted for 1 for every 6 Wings

BBQ | Hot BBQ | Alabama | White Sauce | Wister’s | Dry Rub | Cajun | Dry Rub | Rib Glaze | Maple | Bourbon | Hot Honey | Original | Buffalo | Honey BBQ | XX

Saucy Chick-Lets

We Make our White Meat Saucy Chick-lets from the Same Chicken Tenderloins That We Use for our Chicken Tenders. After We Cut them, It’s a Quick Toss with Some Dry Rub and into the Cooler. Then a Light Dusting of Seasoned Flour and into the Fryer. Tender, Juicy and Delicious – No Bones About It!

BBQ | Hot BBQ | Alabama | White Sauce | Wister’s | Dry Rub | Cajun | Dry Rub | Rib Glaze | Maple | Bourbon | Hot Honey | Original | Buffalo | Honey BBQ | XX


Blue | Cheese | Ranch | Hot Ranch | Honey | Mustard | Barbecue | Vinaigrette | Balsamic | Vinaigrette | Wahoo Sauce


Combos Include a Portion of One of our Other Barbecue Meats. Comes with your Choice of Two Sides. Choose Brisket for 2


Comes with Your Choice of Two Sides
Half Platter Comes with a Half Portion of Meat and One Side


Meat on a Toasted Bun. Comes with Your Choice of One Side

Cornbread Waffles


All Burgers Start with a 10 oz. Fresh Ground Brisket Patty Stuffed with Monterey Jack, Smoked and Topped with Sharp Cheddar and House-Made Bacon

These are huge and ridiculous and they come with one side!

Smo'Fried Chicken

We Start with our Delicious Smoked Chicken, Cut It Down and Marinate it Overnight in Buttermilk and Frank’s Hot Sauce. Then it’s Breaded in Seasoned Flour with a Little Cornmeal and into the Fryer

Chicken Tenders

Of Course We Make ‘Em from Scratch! Jumbo Chicken Tenderloins get Whacked with the Side of a Cleaver to Make them Flat, then Overnight in a Buttermilk Wash with a Bit of Salt and BBQ Seasoning. Next, a Good Dredge in Seasoned Flour and a Swim in the Hot Oil. These Tenders Aren’t Just a Kid’s Meal!

Meals for Smaller Appetites

All Meals Come with a Choice of One Side

Kids 12 and Under May Have a Free Drink, Dine-in Only

Also Consider our 1/2 Platters!

Specialty Sammiches

Sammiches Include One Side

Don’t Want a Sandwich? Make any Sammich into a Salad!

Solo Meats

Family Value Packs

Meats Include Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket, Sausage & Pulled Chicken. There is a 6 Upcharge per Pound for Brisket, Cuz it’s More Expensive.

Side Dishes

All Side Dishes are 3 for a Personal Size and 6 for a Large (pint)

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