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Thanksgiving dinner fully prepared with all the fixings. It was amazing! Thank you for a lovely and easy Thanksgiving meal- there is a silver lining to 2020! We will definitely be eating here again 💗 ... read more
Angela Ferraioli via - Nov 26, 2020
Great place food is awesome. Little pricey But worth every penny!
Paul Worman via - Nov 20, 2020
Fantastic burger - well spiced & cooked, generous portion for price. Home made fries went great with their unique bbq sauce. Will definitely be back for seconds.
Sean Connaughton via - Nov 18, 2020
Been delivering my orders so through the virus to my work at a LTC facility. Through the worst storms, during the most trying of times with the virus. Excellent delivery service with great timing hot food and well mannered personnel ... read more
Thomas LEELAND via - Nov 15, 2020
Very happy with what I've gotten. Had the fries with brisket last time they were very good.
anime fairy via - Nov 11, 2020
Excellent prices and the ribs and sausage along with the sides and waffle cornbread is all that! Well worth getting from as much as possible!
Andino R. Ward via - Nov 6, 2020
Extraordinary ambience and super personal service. The meals were fresh and delightful. Will surely recommend this restaurant to others. Reasonable rates and big meals. Good job.
Claude Newby via - Nov 4, 2020
The meals and service were beyond my expectations. I truly enjoyed the vibes of this place. Superb spot to take my family out for lunch.
John Weaver via - Nov 4, 2020
Finest food, very welcoming staff members, constantly great vibes. They charge fair prices and the food quality is awesome. Fantastic work.
Darrell Stone via - Oct 18, 2020
I can't say enough great things ...
I can't say enough great things about this place, my wife and I are huge fans! We decided to get some takeout and I wanted to try something new so I ordered the Biscuits McTasty off the specials. My wife had the chicken and waffles which she's had before and loves and my brother who is visiting went with the sweet southern mess sandw ... read more
Tom O. via - Oct 17, 2020
Exceptionally friendly staff and great food.
Emma Matthews via - Oct 16, 2020
Finest food, friendly staff members, constantly excellent vibes. They charge reasonable pricing and the food quality is very good. Keep it up.
Richard Brown via - Oct 12, 2020
Had the Texas home wrecker last night. It was large and delicious. I couldn't stop until it was finished. The brisket by itself was tender, with the rest of the fried onions,pickles,peppers and sauce... outstanding! May I suggest trying? ... read more
Charlie Leonard via - Oct 2, 2020
Not a bad item on the menu, fairly ...
Not a bad item on the menu, fairly priced. Quick delivery and easy curbside pick up. Can't say enough good things ... read more
Mike J. via - Sep 21, 2020
They lost our business on Saturday. My daughter is vegan so...I will try to experience it on another day because it sure smelled good.
robbyn johnson via - Sep 21, 2020
The food is good quality and I have had good experiences with their customer relationship management (I've had 2 issues with delivery, 1 major and 1 minor, and Wister's made sure to engage me and manage the situation to my satisfaction). I appreciate their management and media team as they have had to do some adjustments to service w ... read more
John Custer via - Sep 6, 2020
We went here several times when it was still called smoke daddy's and we liked it. Today we were around and decided to come here. The food we got still taste good. But we were disappointed to see the portion was almost half as what we got before. We understand it's Covid and everything, but cutting down to half seems too much.
B Z via - Sep 6, 2020
Must try the brisket and their fiesta corn!
Kat Tejada via - Aug 30, 2020
Brisket was ok, wings were good, the hot bbq sauce is pretty spicy liked it better than the regular sauce.
Kev via - Aug 28, 2020
This spot is excellent! Good rates, large portions and the employees are regularly very friendly.
Jeremiah Powers via - Aug 28, 2020
Was worried I wouldn't find a good ...
Was worried I wouldn't find a good BBQ place around this area, but Wister's is consistently delicious. The pulled pork and brisket especially, but also many other items. The curbside pickup on Main Street is extremely convenient combined with online ordering, never had to wait when picking up. I also find their prices to be pretty fa ... read more
Chris S. via - Aug 6, 2020
Have eaten here multiple times over the past year, every time the food and service are awesome. Placed a small catering order, everything was just as good as if you were in the restaurant! Will definitely be ordering more catering from here in the future!
The Fandom Academy Podcast via - Aug 3, 2020
Love love love.   This place is ...
Love love love.   This place is so good! Each time we order we are impressed! We have tried some other BBQ places in the area and they just don't compare!!!
L R. via - Aug 2, 2020
This spot obviously knows how to satisfy their clients. Always with a very nice mindset. The food is conveniently priced, constantly delicious and clean.
William Acton via - Jul 9, 2020
This place is a winner and probably the best overall dining option in Lansdale. Not only is everything made in house but the prices are affordable as well. I would suggest the Brisket but I'm sure everything here is going to please you. Try them out!!
Todd Weitzman via - Jul 5, 2020
It's a shame. The staff is very ...
It's a shame. The staff is very nice and friendly, but the food is very peppery. Not spicy, just too much pepper. Everyone doesn't like pepper on their food. Other than that, I would give it 5 stars.
Heather G. via - Jul 2, 2020
We moved from out of state and ...
We moved from out of state and didn't know the area's best BBQ stops.  This place is definitely legit and have some of the best Brisket ever.  All of the side dishes are fresh and tasty too (potato salad, fries, coleslaw).  Also, prices are fair too.

One suggestion would be to add a Kid's menu, as we couldn't seem to find it.
... read more
Todd W. via - Jun 30, 2020
This was the best brisket We have had in a very very long time. I just want to go back and buy a pound now! Sides were perfect too! This is a do again for sure. I just wish it was closer to home for us! I can only impinge how good the rest of the menu tastes!
Jennifer McRae via - Jun 25, 2020
This site is my preferable place. Of all restaurants I know I love it most. I never miss an opportunity to go to this restaurant. when I feel like having a special lunchon, this place comes immediately to my mind. Great and varied food and a rich menu.courteous staff members, and nice spirit. Not less important, the price is reas ... read more
Kieran Compton via - Jun 25, 2020
Wister's catered my daughters first ...
Wister's catered my daughters first birthday party last year. Michael took my order via email and was very nice. We got brisket and pulled pork with rolls, sides. He delivered on time so food was set up by the time guests started arriving. Price was reasonable as well. I have to say that I thought the brisket and pulled pork was even ... read more
Stephanie C. via - Jun 20, 2020
Delicious brisket ! We ordered the full lean brisket platter and got the fries and corn as our sides we also ordered 1/4th lb of the lean brisket because we really enjoy it and our dog enjoys it as well . The brisket is so tender and the fries taste great ,they're crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside , the corn is delicious ... read more
Rachel Groff via - Jun 10, 2020
I constantly come by buying some food here. I like the fast customer service and well made food. 5 stars from me.
Arnold Ricci via - Jun 5, 2020
Pulled pork is amazing. Hub got the half chicken and it was enormous!! Excellent food, even the m
Pulled pork is amazing. Hub got the half chicken and it was enormous!! Excellent food, even the mac and cheese was super cheesy and delicious. Highly recommended and much needed in Lansdale borough!
via - Jun 3, 2020
First time I ordered from here and I have to say that this is some of the best bbq I've had in a long time. GREAT FOOD ... read more
Chuck York via - Jun 1, 2020
The food was very good and made in a timely manner. However, the only thing is that on google the menu prices are much lower than the actual prices. So be mindful of that. Barbecue is good.
Justin Pienkowski via - May 30, 2020
Fantastic BBQ, ribs just right and Chicken on Cornbread Waffles is a treat. I miss being able to eat at the restaurant but the delivery is fast and tastes just as good.
Brian Lawrence via - May 30, 2020
Amazing food! I ordered a burger today via Grubhub and they did not have any beef for burgers. The young woman who called me suggest the lamb. HOLY COW! It was INCREDIBLE! I don't know what kind of magic was in it, but it was absolutely delicious.
Steve R via - May 29, 2020
I call this special restaurant often as I love the ambiance that is characterizes this restaurant. The team is extraordianrillyremarkably attentive and qualified. The service is certainly quick. Not to mention, the food they serve is magnificent. I visited many times and I was always delighted. The expense is fair. I highly suggest ... read more
Konnor Haynes via - May 24, 2020
We found out that they are delivering ...
We found out that they are delivering last week and ordered within 15 minutes. I got the Phil-a-chick without the sauce (mayo allergy) and OMG! Better than chick-fil-a. My bf hot the 3 meat platter and devoured it. Worth every penny.
Karen H. via - May 23, 2020
Just tried the lamb cheeseteak! Please don't ever get rid of that it was like REAL GOOD!!!! Of course their traditional BBQ is some of the best BBQ I've ever tasted!!
Chris Pallante via - May 23, 2020
Such good takeout. Quick and easy ...
Such good takeout. Quick and easy curbside. New lamb cheesesteak is amazing. Kids love this place. So dad finally gets to choose dinner sometimes!!!
Nick P. via - May 22, 2020
I celebrated my birthday yesterday in this great restaurant. Well it was a delightful evening and the place was unquestionably the reason for the fruitful event. The stuff helped in a gorgeous style, the cuisine was delicious and my guests were extremely happy. We shall absolutely come back again for more joyful events. thanks very ... read more
Sonny Mcgrath via - May 20, 2020
The food is great, we've enjoyed everything that we've gotten. They have been amazing through the
The food is great, we've enjoyed everything that we've gotten. They have been amazing through the Covid situation making sure their employees and customers are safe!
Sara Nichols via - May 18, 2020
Wait time was good, Hot honey wings was great, bbq fries was yummy, cole slaw ok, and brisket sandwich was excellent. The mac n cheese was bland not enough cheese and the waffle Main Street toastada was terrible! Dry, burnt, and hard no flavor.
Mona Lave via - May 7, 2020
The food was great- we decided yesterday to order and try their food, and we were highly impressed!
The food was great- we decided yesterday to order and try their food, and we were highly impressed! We love BBQ and somewhat new to the area so it was great to find a place that was amazing!
Heather Treski via - May 4, 2020
Just want to give a shout out to Mike for his outstanding customer service! After a minor miscommun
Just want to give a shout out to Mike for his outstanding customer service! After a minor miscommunication with his staff over item availability, Mike personally attended to rectifying the situation and went above and beyond to do so. Couldn’t have been more gracious about the whole thing and took great care when handling it. I also ... read more
Mary C Zabriskie via - Apr 28, 2020
Yummy food ! Good takeout service!
Yummy food ! Good takeout service!
Stephanie Simms via - Apr 24, 2020
Take out tonight --got the Pulled Pork, Hot Southern Mess, BBQ fries & Chicklets - -Food is SOOOOO
Take out tonight --got the Pulled Pork, Hot Southern Mess, BBQ fries & Chicklets - -Food is SOOOOO Good! Placed order online & pick up was easy! And great job on what you are doing for Manna....
Heidi Ferguson Pazdziorko via - Apr 16, 2020
In spite of no longer having what ...
In spite of no longer having what I originally wanted...the seafood was only available during Lent (missed it by a day). So, I decided on a brisket sandwich and it came with my choice of side, so I got the mac n' cheese. They were both delicious big, soft noodles in creamy cheese. The sandwich was excellent as well, with the roll lig ... read more
James P. via - Apr 15, 2020
I have gotten food here multiple times, always delicious! Wisters has catered my daughter’s 1st bir
I have gotten food here multiple times, always delicious! Wisters has catered my daughter’s 1st birthday party. Food was delivered on time, he set up everything and the portions were great! I can’t wait to try the chicken and fish fry Friday.
Stephanie Chen via - Apr 13, 2020
Outstanding food here. I’m from the South so I’ve been missing BBQ like home something fierce and this just hit the spot. The staff are so nice, the portions are huge, and the sauces are amazing. Everything has a little kick to it and it’s perfection. So excited to have a great bbq place so close to me!
Katherine Smith via - Apr 10, 2020
Just moved here from California. Best BBQ ever!
jim miller via - Apr 9, 2020
Got the meatloaf to go meal. It was amazing. Thank you so much for adding this option.
Got the meatloaf to go meal. It was amazing. Thank you so much for adding this option.
Becky Brackley via - Mar 29, 2020
Best Bbq place in the area!
Best Bbq place in the area!
Alex Justo via - Mar 22, 2020
Taste so good I had to go back & get another sandwich to take home😋😋😋 ... read more
William Smith via - Mar 12, 2020
I had never seen this before and ...
I had never seen this before and it is genius. They smoke chicken, then batter it with cornmeal, buttermilk and franks red hot, then fry it. So you get this super crunchy, juicy chicken with a smoked fall off the bone quality and a kick of spice!!! Holy crap!
Andy H. via - Mar 6, 2020
Great food, lots of unique options like the sandwiches and waffles ... read more
taylor s via - Mar 1, 2020
This trip we got the Sausy- Chick- ...
This trip we got the Sausy- Chick- Let's Cajun dry rub. That is the Best Chicken I ever had. You gotta try this !!! Hats off to smoke Daddy !!!
Gary S. via - Feb 29, 2020
What a great place to eat! The food is great and the service is wonderful, my girlfriend had the homegrown waffle taco and I had the sloppy mess, you walk away full.I am so looking forward to coming back to this place ,this is a must try! I wish I took pictures of what we had but we were so busy eating and enjoying every bite I total ... read more
Debbie via - Feb 28, 2020
I'm so glad I finally stopped by ...
I'm so glad I finally stopped by here after salivating over all the photos on Yelp. I'm a sucker for BBQ and this place doesn't disappoint. I ordered the 3 meat platter of brisket, spicy sausage, and pulled chicken with sweet potato waffle fries and Mac and cheese as sides. I will be back!
Steve C. via - Feb 25, 2020
My new favorite place. I'm so excited ...
My new favorite place. I'm so excited I found this establishment. BBQ is my favorite type of food, so I'd been wanting to come here for a while! The restaurant itself is unpretentious; come as you are for a delicious meal. My group and I enjoyed the BBQ fries with pulled chicken, and they were to die for. Only thing is the fries coul ... read more
Rita Y. via - Feb 24, 2020
Had a awesome experience in here with my friend. The food arrived fast and the service is just awesome. Prices are fair.
Dwayne Gates via - Feb 23, 2020
Pleasantly staff, delicious food!
Stephanie Rivera via - Feb 16, 2020
The food is consistently fresh and delicious, staff members hands over fantastic service. I liked the cleanliness and mood. Will come back again.
William Bing via - Feb 15, 2020
The restaurant is great and broad, the menu was delightful and the rates were very reasonable. quick, effective service and very amiable waiters. Highly recommended.
William Johnston via - Feb 14, 2020
This spot is worth a visit. They serve big portions for convenient prices. Always well organized and with fantastic vibes. Will come back again.
Denver O via - Feb 14, 2020
We love Wister’s! My favorite item they have are the Burnt Ends, which they sadly did not have on the menu today. The brisket poutine fries was delicious! I also ordered a half order of the dry brisket! So delicious. My boyfriend ordered wings and a half order of ribs. The ribs are amazingly flavorful and tender. You will not be disa ... read more
Becca McClellan via - Feb 8, 2020
Best barbecue I've ever had! Their brisket is my favorite, but I've yet to have anything less than awesome here. I wish they would bring back brunch, though...
Katie Burns via - Feb 8, 2020
Incredible. Bbq at its finest. Would highly recommend brisket, ribs. Mac n Cheese, potato salad, and their chili. Really, can't go wrong- eaten here 5 times in the past 6 months, everything is delicious. Would give it 6 stars!
Adam Benjamin via - Feb 5, 2020
A family owned business, that has authentic homemade BBQ. Everything is made in house. A unique dinning experience. Not to mention a great host and wait staff.
James Morrone via - Feb 5, 2020
Definitely a spot worth stopping by, the food is excellent and fresh, the rates are convenient and it is regularly well organized here. Keep it up.
King Randolph via - Jan 30, 2020
Delicious food, Fast service, comfy place.
Kari Robinson via - Jan 24, 2020
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